Grant Street Church in Decatur helping Lee County Tornado Victims

Decatur church helps tornado victims

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - As residents in Lee County, Alabama begin to rebuild after a deadly EF-4 ripped through the county, they won’t be doing it alone.

Members of Grant Street Church in Decatur are working to collect various different items to take to the tornado victims.

The church need items like:

  • Snack foods
  • Gatorade
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Dog and cat food
  • Empty photo albums

Cody Michael, Outreach Minister for Grant Street Church, said they’ll be collecting donations until Monday, March 11th. You can drop donations off at the church, Mellow Mushroom, Moe’s BBQ, or Cloud 9 Baby store in Decatur.

“When someone is hurting, how can you make their life better, how can you make things in a better position for them,” said Michael. He’s hoping their acts of kindness can help bring some light into a dark situation.

Grant street church accepting donations for tornado victims
Grant street church accepting donations for tornado victims (Source: WAFF)

Michael said they are also doing something different this time around. They’re asking for people to donate empty photo albums for family’s who may have lost some of their most precious memories. “A lot of family’s that have lost all the memories that they had, need a chance to restart and we want to provide them their first photo album to say here, start collecting those memories back again,” said Michael.

This isn’t the first time the church has helped in natural disaster relief efforts. Michael said the church has assisted family’s in the Carolina’s, Florida, and Tennessee from hurricanes and tornadoes.

“If you have a need when we show up, don’t hesitate to ask us. Anything we can help do, anybody we can help bring encouragement, we want to do so,” said Michael.

Church members are planning to leave sometime this week to deliver supplies. They will go back to Lee County on Monday and stay one night to help with cleanup efforts.

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