AL doctor invents ‘ResQRinse’ to battle allergies

Updated: Feb. 25, 2019 at 5:42 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - An Alabama doctor has created a new solution for those battling allergies. It’s called ResQRinse, and the device is the brainchild of Montgomery Otolaryngologist Steven Chandler.

ResQRinse has the ability to improve symptoms without many of the side effects and concerns common to alternative devices.

Amanda Breshears is a wife and mom who works full time. She’s also an allergy sufferer.

“I have dealt with allergy issues for years,” she explained.

It’s something that’s impacted even the most regular daily task for her.

“I would walk outside and just begin to be stuffy and just couldn’t breathe," Breshears added.

Breshears says she tried everything imaginable to find relief, going in and out of doctors’ offices, taking antibiotics and over the counter products.

Finally hitting her breaking point, in 2017 Breshears opted for sinus surgery, calling it "the best decision I could have made.”

The ResQRinse played a big role in her postoperative care.

“You don’t have the gagging," Breshears explained. “It doesn’t seem as messy as some of the other sinus rinses I have used in the past.”

After seeing much improvement, she decided to allow her son to use the product, and “it has made a world of difference. He is not having to use as much over the counter medication.”

Dr. Chandler says there is a reason for the success Breshears has seen for herself and her son.

“It allows your own breath pressure to isolate your nose from your throat. That is the basic bottom line as to why it works,” Chandler explained.

The otolaryngologist developed the ResQRinse as a way to encourage compliance with sinus surgery patients when it came to post-op care.

How to use it is simple. You start out with distilled or sterile water and add ResQRinse saline packets to it, then mix. After that, you gently squeeze the bottle and blow into a mouthpiece to rinse.

It’s the trademarked Nasal Lock Technology that sets it apart, the doctor said.

“It keeps everything nice and clean in there. It avoids the problems of contamination in the middle ear and choking, which is why most people don’t do it,” Chandler assessed.

The doctor quickly realized this could be a game changer for those suffering with allergies.

“Some people have perennial allergies, some people have seasonal. Some people have indoor and outdoor,” and while most people deal with common symptoms like congestion, post nasal drip, drainage, sore throats, and itchy eyes, there are other symptoms that are more severe.

“Everything is connected from the tip of the nose to the all the way down into the lungs," Chandler added. "It is not uncommon for people to have pulmonary issues with allergies.”

And not all approaches are without the unpleasant side effects.

“Other nasal sprays can cause nose bleeds if they are not used properly. Oral medications can cause dry mouth and blurry vision," Chandler said. "Some people have systemic problem. Decongestion meds are notorious for causing increase in blood pressure and plus.”

Dr. Chandler says the ResQRinse is patent pending in the US and internationally, and it is trademarked. Work is being done with medicated pharmacy manufacturers and other developers.

Right now it is available online and at major retailers.

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