Madison Co. workers rescue woman from sinking car in floodwaters

Madison Co. workers rescue woman from sinking car in floodwaters

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Several Madison County Water Department employees are being commended for their efforts to help a woman caught in floodwaters.

Spencer Heathington, Jamil Wallace and Brandon Walker acted fast when the water reached dangerous levels for drivers on Billy D. Harbin Road in New Market.

They spotted a car stuck on Wednesday and realized an elderly woman was inside.

"We were riding by doing our job and we saw a car that was stuck down on the other side of the bridge. We stopped to check it out and as we got closer, we saw a lady waving her hand out of the door. We hopped out and jumped in the water and just pulled her back to where she could walk on solid ground again. Then we gave her to the fire department and the paramedics and that was it. We went back to work," Wallace said.

They shared a photo of the woman's car showing just how scary it must have been as the water rushed inside the vehicle and all around her.

"When we walked up on her, the water was about waist high on her sitting in the car and it was up to our waists as we walked up to the car. It was very cold and she had been sitting there for a few minutes," Wallace explained.

The woman involved in the incident does home healthcare and she was on her way to help someone with their medicines and to cook for them. Thankfully, she wasn't injured and she expressed her gratitude to the men who helped her.

The crew says it's a cautionary tale of what can happen in those situations.

"Turn around, don't drown," Wallace stressed.

They're glad they were in the right place at the right time.

"We're happy that anybody can go home to their family," Wallace added.

County officials applauded the crew’s good deed.

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