Flooding threat continues on Madison County roads

Flooding threat continues on Madison County roads

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In Madison County, high water and flooding has been an issue all week.

Several major roads have been impacted by flooding at times and a number of side roads are closed in different areas.

In areas where floodwaters have receded, there's concern they could be under water again as the rain continues.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill and his team have been monitoring roads off the Flint River that have flooded.

"It's been hectic. It's just part of the job. It's what we do. We have a great staff and they work hard. They're monitoring the situation. We're trying to communicate as well as we can," Hill said.

Hill Road that connects Old 431 and Hobbs Island Road is under water. And Little Cove Road has been flooded at times, impacting those in Hampton Cove trying to take it to Rock Cut Road and 72 to come into Huntsville as an alternate route due to Cecil Ashburn Drive being shutdown for construction.

"We're encouraging motorists not to use Green Mountain. That road just can't handle the volume of traffic. With Little Cove being under water, and Eastern Bypass being under water, we're encouraging them to use 431. We'll monitor Little Cove and Eastern Bypass tomorrow. If we get another flash flooding event like we did yesterday, then it will be back under water again," Commissioner Hill explained.

WAFF's Brad Travis captured this along the Flint River
WAFF's Brad Travis captured this along the Flint River (Source: WAFF)

Along Old Highway 431, water is high. Officials are reminding drivers to be smart.

"We ask motorists that when they come to a road that we have closed, please don't go around the barricades. Please turn around and find an alternate route. We've placed those barricades out for a reason and we ask them to please honor those," Hill stressed.

Severe Weather Awareness week continues. Take time to review your plans. Know the difference between a watch and warning.

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