Lightning hits two houses at the same time in east Limestone neighborhood

Lightning hits two houses at the same time in east Limestone neighborhood

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In east Limestone County, two families are dealing with damage after lighting struck their homes simultaneously.

Residents say it sounded like an explosion when it happened in the Seven Pines subdivision on Wednesday, located off East Limestone Road near Capshaw Road.

The East Limestone Fire Department and Segers Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene and immediately went to work assessing the situation.

“We think it was one bolt that forked off. It blew the satellite dish off this residence. There’s shingles in the yard that blew 15-20 feet from the house, so it was a very powerful lightning strike,” said firefighter Kasey Brown.

It knocked the power out, but it didn’t spark a fire, and no one was hurt.

“It blew about a 3.5-4-foot hole in the roof of one residence and about a 2-foot hole in the other,” Brown stated.

Firefighters worked to get tarps on both roofs to reduce further water damage.

Anita Lockett lives across the street and was surprised to learn about what happened.

“I heard a bunch of thunder and lightning and it was really loud. My phone was plugged in the charger and sparks came out and hit my leg. I walked around my house to make sure everything was alright, not realizing at first what was happening across the street. I really hope they don’t have a lot of damage,” she said.

There’s an old saying about how lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. It’s a myth, but in this case, it was pretty close. According to fire crews, a house across the street in the same subdivision was struck by lightning several years ago and burned own.

Firefighters say if it ever happens at your home, call 911 and get out of your house.

“There is a high probability that there will be a post-strike fire,” Brown explained. “These folks got lucky today because that didn’t happen but they were shaken up. I’ve been a firefighter in this area for about 10 years and I’ve seen numerous lightning strikes but I’ve yet to see two houses affected by the same strike.”

In Madison County, firefighters believe Saint Rebecca Primitive Baptist Church in Hazel Green was also hit by lightning on Wednesday.

A fire alarm was set off, but thankfully the building didn’t catch fire.

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