Arab fire department works to recover after lightning strike

Arab fire department works to recover after lightning strike

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - The Arab fire department is trying to recover after the main station was hit by lightning.

The lightning strike hit them pretty good. Chief Ricky Phillips says if you have an emergency call 911 but if you just need to contact the fire department, for now, you’ll need to contact city hall.

The lightning strike hit late Tuesday afternoon when a line of storms passed through.

Phillips says the power and lights are operational but most all of the electronics are down - including the phones.

The internet and computers are also down which hinders they're ability to complete reports.

Even the electronic door openers that roll up the doors to allow the fire trucks to get out are down.

They're having to manually open them for now.

The chief says it also initially affected the 911 call center in the basement of the building.

“Some of their electronics that’s in the same building with us, they have got some temporary fixes in place so the 911 system is up and working and you can still place 911 calls but they’re working on some issues down there as well,” said Phillips.

Phillips says they hope to at least get the phone system restored by the end of the day but everything else could take several days.

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