Precautions, warnings surround Wilson Dam during flood watch

Precautions, warnings surround Wilson Dam during flood watch

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Flooding concerns continue to ramp up as the week progresses.

Right now, Tennessee Valley Authority officials have closed Wilson Dam because of the inclement weather. TVA authorities say the water is moving fast so everyone needs to stay away from Wilson Dam until the weather clears.

TVA spokesman Scott Fiedler says they are releasing more than 1.6 million gallons of water a second into Wilson Dam. That means they are freeing up flood storage space as rain continues to fall.

He says to prevent flooding they are lowering water levels in some areas and raising water levels in others to help minimize the flood impact.

Fiedler says anyone who lives in flood prone areas need to be prepared to evacuate if the water continues to rise.

He says people need to hold off on fishing and recreational activities because it is dangerous as the tide gets stronger.

Fiedler says that everyone needs to be weather aware the next days and pay attention to weather updates as they come in.

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