22-year-old man charged in fatal shooting outside Huntsville club

Source: WAFF
Source: WAFF
Updated: Feb. 16, 2019 at 1:55 PM CST
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(WAFF) - One man has been charged with murder in an overnight shooting outside of Club Allure in Huntsville.

Police responded to the scene around 2 a.m. and tell us the bar was closing at the time of the shooting.

Multiple people evacuated the building and the bowling alley next door after the shooting took place.

Huntsville police confirm to WAFF that they are now investigating a death in connection to this situation.

The victim has been identified by police as Josiah Sanderson. He was pronounced dead at Huntsville Hospital after the shooting.

Wherry is facing a murder charge. (Source: Madison County Jail)
Wherry is facing a murder charge. (Source: Madison County Jail)(Wherry is facing a murder charge. (Source: Madison County Jail))
Sanderson, Source: Family friend
Sanderson, Source: Family friend(Sanderson, Source: Family friend)

The suspect in this shooting has been identified as 22-year-old Justin Wherry, of Huntsville. He is now facing a murder charge.

Authorities are investigating witnesses as they try to gather more information. Anyone that has information on this incident is urged to contact Huntsville police.

Investigators tell us this was not a random shooting. They say Wherry and Sanderson knew each other and that this shooting was the result of long-standing issues between the two.

Meanwhile, some neighbors who live near the club had the same opinion that the club is an annoyance.

“Close it. Immediately. As fast as possible. Burn it, that would be better, to the ground,” said Barbara Hill who lives near the club.

Strong words from neighbors who live near the club Allure where a man was shot and killed early Saturday morning.

Another neighbor, Linda King says she gets annoyed with the club from the time it opens.

“It’s always been loud and noisy. They usually get started around 11 when most of us older folks are going to bed,” said King

Until well after they close.

“Then it all moves outside with all the radios and the cars going and the people yelling and cursing and fighting,” said King.

King feels the club has only gotten worse.

“Some loose behavior in the back that you get to see every now and then,” said King.

King and others wonder if they're neighborhood is a safe place to live because there was another incident the night before.

“Thursday night here somebody come down the road and fired about five or six shots,” said King.

King feels many of the neighborhoods problems would be gone if the club were gone.

“I’d love to see it close down and never open again,” said King.

Wherry remains in the Madison County Jail awaiting bond to be set.

EDITOR’S NOTE: WAFF originally identified the location of the shooting as ‘Focus’. Huntsville police later confirmed the incident occurred at Club Allure, which is in the same building. We have updated the story with this correction.

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