“We don’t want it approved.” Madison residents against proposed housing development on Kyser Boulevard

Madison residents against proposed kyser boulevard development

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Madison City Council has called 2019 the year of construction for good reason. There are several construction projects in the works like building Town Madison and several road projects.

At the end of Kyser Boulevard near Downtown Madison, developer Breland Homes is looking to build luxury town homes. Joey CeCi, President for Breland Homes, says the location is just right because of the proximity to I-565 and Downtown Madison. “People really want to be close to downtown, especially when you start talking about active seniors and millenials,” said CeCi.

The plan is to build town homes that would attract seniors and millenials to the City of Madison. Homeowners who live on Kyser Boulevard are in an uproar over the proposed development.

Residents upset about possible housing development on Kyser boulevard
Residents upset about possible housing development on Kyser boulevard (Source: WAFF)

Robert Kendall lives right where the development would go. He says a housing development doesn’t make sense for the empty plot of land. “You have a railroad track. You also have a high powered line that you’re standing under. You have a high pressure gas line that runs through the property. You’re also in a flight path with the airport,” said Kendall.

Neighbors have started a Facebook group called “Residents Against Rezoning Kyser” and a change.org petition to keep the development from happening.

“Something is going to be built in that field. We believe what we are building there is something that’s going to enhance the community not detract from it,” CeCi said in reaction to the residents protest.

Kendall believes the developers are disregarding several key factors. “They’re not considering our city growth plan. They’re not looking at the infrastructure. They’re just wanting to add more homes and burden our community,” said Kendall.

Before this project can officially move forward, the Madison City Council has to approve rezoning the land from industrial development to residential.

“We’ve got a development agreement that we’re working on with the city of Madison that locks in all of these different promises that we’re making,” CeCi said.

The promises CeCi is talking about include having a Homeowners Association that would upkeep the land. CeCi says this development would also act as a buffer for neighbors from noise or pollution. He also says a greenway would be built to connect the neighborhood to Palmer Park and the Bradford Creek Greenway.

Madison residents are fighting back against a proposed development on Kyser Boulevard
Madison residents are fighting back against a proposed development on Kyser Boulevard (Source: WAFF)

“Madison’s got a lot going for it. People want to live there for a lot of reasons beyond schools. This gives them a product that’s tailored for them," Ceci said.

While the target audience are millenials and seniors, Kendall says they are still worried about some family’s moving in and adding more students to a school system that is overflowing with students. “Our school system is over saturated,” Kendall said.

“This becomes a net positive for the schools. Because 95 percent or more of the people living in these town homes are going to be paying school taxes, but they won’t actually have kids in the schools," said CeCi in response to the neighbors concerns.

One thing is clear, neighbors do not want a housing development in their backyard. Kendall says they plan to make sure the council knows how they feel about his development. “We are for what it is right now, industry. We don’t want it approved. If it is approved, we will continue to voice our concerns,” said Kendall.

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