Talks begin for Marshall County jail expansion

Talks begin for Marshall County Jail Expansion

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Funding is on the way to improve deputy’s capabilities in Marshall County.

It’s a $300,000 deal and officials are now talking about expanding the jail.

The sheriff’s office made several requests and they were all granted. That prompted Commissioner Ronny Shumate to wish the new sheriff a Happy Valentines Day.

The county commission on Wednesday approved the purchase of six vehicles but equipment to go into 11 vehicles. That’s because the former sheriff never outfitted five Chevy Tahoe’s he received after losing the election last June.

“There’s no blue lights, no radios, no console, siren, or anything that shows it’s an emergency vehicle what so ever,” said Sims.

Sims says they’re hiring deputies to go into those new vehicles and beefing up patrol.

The sheriff says contractors are now going through the jail determining costs on how much it will take to repair it.

“We have the money to bring the jail back up to a good working condition and we plan on doing everything we can to accomplish that as soon as we possibly can,” said County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson.

After years of no talk, talk is now underway in obtaining a bond issue and building a jail expansion.

“We’re overcrowded and the last thing I want is some federal judge come in here and tell us that we need to do something different,” said Hutcheson.

And getting some architects involved for that project is also a top priority for the sheriff.

“This is what we’re looking at doing. What do we need to do about getting bid specs, the whole nine yards and I’ll meet with some of those firms in about two weeks,” said Sims.

Hutcheson says they hope to have a plan for the new jail expansion by the end of the year.

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