NAACP LDF letter to Morgan County Commission demands changes to boundaries, election procedures

NAACP LDF letter to Morgan County Commission demands changes to boundaries, election procedures

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Members of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund have sent another letter to a county commission here in the Tennessee Valley, asking for changes to be made to district boundaries. This time the recipient is Chairman Ray Long in Morgan County.

Last month the Madison County Commission received a letter from the same organization. In both cases lawyers want commissioners to redraw the boundaries to better represent minorities.

Chairman Long in Morgan County says the letter came out of the blue, but there are several items he’ll discuss with the commission.

The current members of the Morgan County Commission have all held their seats since 2010.

"Our letter asks the commission to change its method of election from the current method which is at large, which all the voters in the county vote for all 5 commissioners to single member districts in which the county would be divided into 5 different districts of equal population and people would get to vote for their commissioner rather than voting for all 5,” said Deuel Ross with the NAACP LDF.

Chairman Long says the fact they keep winning shows they’re doing a good job.

“In 2016, the first time in Morgan County we had three commissioners run unopposed, myself and 2 of the others. I think people like what the Morgan County Commission is doing,” said Long.

He say’s several people ran against commissioner Jeff Clark, so claims in the letter sent from the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund aren’t valid.

“There were examples of minorities can’t win elections. There were actually 2 minorities that ran against District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark this past year and he won. In the past he’s beat a lot of white candidates too. It’s just he’s a good commissioner,” said Long.

Lawyers with the NAACP legal defense say the boundary lines for each district haven’t been redrawn since 1959. Chairman Long agrees it should be addressed and discussed.

Lawyers are asking for Long to respond to their letter in writing by Thursday February 14th.

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