Breezy & warm with some clouds today; Rainy pattern moving in

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are starting the day off with a few cloudy and cool temperatures. By this afternoon expect a little more warmth, but the clouds should make a comeback as well.

Temperatures this morning are starting out into the mid-30s across much of the valley. Wind is out of the south though and that will start to pull in some warmer weather as we push on into the afternoon. Expect a breezy day today with wind gusts out of the south at 20 to 25 mph. Clouds are expected to move in and out across the Valley throughout the day today, but we should stay dry.

Some light scattered showers are possible as we move on into the overnight tonight as the cloud cover thickens a bit. Friday will be a gloomy day with cloud cover, some mist, and maybe even some patchy fog to start the day off. Temperatures will be right around 60 degrees with a south wind around 5 to 10 mph. By the evening we are expecting scattered showers to pick up and move across the area. These will be here overnight and early Saturday as well. Things dry up for the rest of Saturday, but more rain is on the way for Sunday.

Meteorologist Brandon Spinner

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