Post office refusing to deliver to neighborhood

Post office refusing to deliver to neighborhood
Potholes larger than cars dot Vols and Aubie Lanes. The post office is threatening to stop delivery until the road is fixed, worrying some neighbors who depend on the mail for things like medicine and disability checks. (Source: {WBRC})

SYLACAUGA, AL (WBRC) - Neighbors on Aubie Lane, Vols Lane, and Our Road in Sylacauga have to be very careful driving home.

“You have to go really slow and you got to have a truck. I got a big truck," says Stephanie Hale.

Potholes are causing headaches and damage to cars.

“I have a new car and I’m going to have to trade my car in pretty soon because it ruins your front end,” says Tammy Marshall.

“I’ve done had mine lined up seven times in 20 years,” says Stephanie Hale.

And when it rains, it pours. One neighbor got her car stuck in the water. You can see the tracks of others trying to avoid the same fate. And it’s becoming a health hazard for Hale.

“I have seizures and it’s hard for me, if I call 911, it takes them a minute to get over here,” says Hale.

School buses refuse to drive in here, forcing students to walk a mile down the road. And now, a new threat.

“They’re going to stop our mail unless the roads get fixed,” says Hale.

“Mad. We were mad,” says Marshall.

Medicine, disability checks, and bills—not being delivered until the road is fixed. Stephanie Hale has lived there for 20 years.

“Everybody’s got three acres a piece, that’s what was bought from a Mr. Robert Russell. And on our deeds, it states that he willed all that off to the county for them to take it over,” says Hale.

All the neighbors say they’ve gone to the Talladega County Commission for help.

“They won’t answer you,” says Hale.

And they’ve reached out to former land owner Robert Russell and his family with no success. They even tried setting up a GoFundMe account, but no one donated. And they’ve tried putting more gravel in the road, but it all washes away, leaving them with little hope.

“We hope that somebody hears it and helps us out. If not for anything, but for the kids that need a bus coming through here,” says Hale.

We reached out to County Commissioner Greg Atkinson who said the road is private and it’s the homeowner’s responsibility. He said they have seen developers come into the county before, section off the land, sell it and then leave. He says just because the developer gives land over to the city or county doesn’t mean they’ll take care of it.

If you’d like to help, you can call Stephanie Hale at 256-267-7110.

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