How to protect yourself when meeting someone from an online dating site

How to protect yourself when meeting someone from an online dating site

(WAFF) - Valentine’s Day is Thursday and people are trying to find someone special to spend time with the new normal seems to be meeting people on social media.

People are turning to online dating sites like match dot com, eHarmony, and Tinder hoping to find love.

Before you meet someone in person, licensed counselor Kathryn Cox advises you to keep your guard up.

"Until you meet a person in person, you only know the part of them they want you to know about.”

While it may seem like common sense, the best way to ensure you're safe on a blind date,

"Meet them in person in a lighted area that’s populated. Meet them at a public place.”

Cox says there are major red flags you can identify before you plan to meet them.

“Someone who wants way to much information to fast.”

“Listen to your gut. When you meet someone for the first time, if you’re gut is telling you not to go any further, don’t push yourself.”

Cox says you should be the person who selects the meeting place.

"Suggest something that everyone can be comfortable. A coffee shop.”

If things take a turn for the worst, Cox says there is an easy way to ask for help

“Excuse yourself to the restroom, and stop and tell somebody. A person of authority, if you’re in a restaurant, the server or bartender or a manager.”

As for getting to the date?

“You drive. Have your own way home.”

Keep these tips in mind so you can have a fun but safe, Valentine's Day.

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