Website calls Arab 35th worst place to live in America

Arab mayor, some residents aren’t buying the report

Website calls Arab 35th worst place to live in America

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - An internet website known as 24/7 Wall St. has put out their list of the 50 worst cities to live.

In Alabama, Bessemer was on the list and so was Fairfield and Prichard.

In Marshall County, the city of Arab came in at 35.

Arab for the most part is a very quiet community but apparently to it’s the 35th worst city in the United States to live.

“It’s really fake news in my opinion,” said Arab Mayor Bob Joslin.

Mayor Joslin says he was floored when he read the online article.

“It says these are the worst cities to live in America. Is yours one of them and I saw Arab on that list and I thought this is unbelievable,” said Joslin.

Joslin says he only sees nothing but good about living in Arab.

“The school system, the quality of life, and the peaceful town so it’s just totally took me by surprise with how they came up with those numbers,” said Joslin.

The report claims the poverty rate is just over 17 percent and 2017 violent crimes were in the top 25-percent but that’s not what we found when speaking to police.

According to the police statistics there were six people who were shot, robbed, or stabbed in the city limits in 2017. Now, statistically they have a much larger problem with livestock in the highway. They recorded 82 incidents of that.

So we took to the streets to see what the residents feel about what this online group had to say about their town. Seems like they were shocked to live in such a terrible place.

“Oh my goodness! I didn’t know that. I thought we were toward the top,” said Brenda Reed.

Arab resident Brenda Sweat said, “I disagree with that. I love Arab. We have a great school system here. I don’t know why anybody would feel any different. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Go Arab!”

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