Two new housing developments coming to Madison

Madison City council approves new housing developments

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - As the city of Madison grows, the city council is trying to stay ahead of the growth.

The council approved two new housing developments at the Jan. 28 City Council meeting. This has concerned some members of the Madison city school board.

The main concern lies with adding more students to a school system that is quickly growing and running out of space for its students.

Madison Mayor Paul Finley told WAFF that these housing developments would be built on what’s called a controlled growth basis. Finley explained that if a housing development has plans for 110 houses, about 20 houses would be built a year over a five year time period.

“You’re adding kids at a pace that we can’t keep up with,” said Finley.

Madison approves new housing developments

He also said that in a controlled growth development, construction doesn’t start right away with the houses. Construction would typically start with the infrastructure and the roads followed by the houses that would be built over a five year period.

Finley also said this is the first time the city has added housing developments in about two years.

“The developments that were passed are anywhere from $400,000-$450,000 houses. It helps our tax base, it brings quality family’s into the city of Madison. It’s what we’re looking for, we just have to do it in a way that makes sense and is controlled,” said Finley.

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