Sparkman schools raise more than $20k for its classrooms

Sparkman schools raise more than $20k for its classrooms

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The PTA and PTO of all the Sparkman family schools came together Sunday to fund raise in a unique way.

With the help of the Harlem Wizards, more than 1,000 students, parents and teachers came out to support the effort.

“Over 7,600 students will benefit from today’s event,” Sparkman family schools co-chair Lisa Novak said.

Novak says each of the PTA and PTO will go back to their school, within their budget, and have this money to affect all of their students.

She said all the schools have different needs, so the parents organizations will delegate it to where it’s needed most.

Not only did the eight schools raise money, but the Harlem Wizards worked their magic as well.

“We do assembly programs, we talk to kids about anti-bullying, how important school is, and just being focused on your education,” Wizard player, Rashaan Barner said.

This was Sparkman family school’s first attempt at an event like this. Novak said it exceeded her expectations.

“We are floored by the support of the community, and so thankful that everyone has come out to support our schools," she continued.

The community support was illuminating throughout the Sparkman High School gymnasium Sunday, and the Harlem Wizards were a huge help.

“A lot of kids they have role models. They might like the LeBron James’ of the world. When they see us here, we’re approachable. We’re in the crowd with fans, with the people, and they can say ‘I actually took a picture with a Harlem Wizard’,” Barner said.

Barner and the rest of the Wizard team say they love making an impact on these kids.

“This is special because it’s like a way of me giving back. I mean, I played college basketball. Like I said, going to schools, talking to kids, motivational speaking, and they love it. I’m glad I can just, any little thing I can do to help a kid stay on track, stay focused, I’m here for it," Barnes explained.

The Sparkman schools still don’t know the final total proceeds Sunday, however, they estimate more than $20,000 will be split between all eight schools.

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