Huntsville boy battling Stickler Syndrome gets to be police officer for a day

With the help of Huntsville police, 11-year-old Ian Oliver fulfills his dream.

Huntsville boy battling stickler syndrome gets to be police officer for a day

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Ian Oliver isn’t your typical 11-year-old kid.

Ian has battled Stickler Syndrome for quite some time now. This rare connective tissue disorder greatly affects Ian’s sight and his hearing.

However, this disease hasn’t stopped Ian one bit.

“I don’t feel like there’s anything that can hold me back to do anything,” Ian said.

The 11-year-old has been through 40 surgeries. Thirty-two of which have been on his eyes.

Ian’s inspiration of becoming a cop stems from his father, he said.

“My dad was in Iraq and he had to come home because he got shot once and got blew up in his humvee,” Ian continued.

He said it was like a spark went off in him. He says he’s meant to be in military, law enforcement, or serving his country.

On Saturday, Huntsville Police Department made Ian Oliver’s dream come true.

Officer Joel Stephens, with HPD said when he asked officers to help out with Ian’s special day, everyone on shift volunteered.

“He’s a really smart kid and he acts a lot older than 11. We gave him real police-like scenarios, and he just ran right through them,” Officer Stephens said.

At the beginning of the day, Ian was ‘initiated’ into the Huntsville Police Department. He was given a plaque and a badge.

During his first shift, Ian made a traffic stop and arrested people breaking into a car.

“There’s some guys over there walking around. Let’s go by them, look at them, just make sure they’re not any of the wanted,” Ian said.

Officer Stephens said Ian was always on the look out.

At the end of their shift, in true cop tradition, Ian and Officer Stephens made a Krispy Kreme doughnut run.

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