Areas of fog this morning; Showers and storms move in overnight

Happy Monday! Waking up to a little bit more warmth out there this morning but also some patchy fog for parts of the Valley.

Some areas of light sprinkles are moving through the area this morning, but they shouldn’t be too heavy or widespread today. Much of the moisture will be to our north towards Nashville, but that won’t last too long. High temperatures expected to climb into the low 60s across to Tennessee Valley today and the warmer weather will last into Tuesday as well. Wind from the south will stay steady around 10 mph today, but overnight it will ramp up. That will bring in more moisture which could lead to an active morning Tuesday.

We’re going to have to watch a complex of storms which are expected to move in overnight tonight sometime after midnight. There’s a chance it some of them could be strong with heavy rain and gusty winds. While I don’t expect storms to be severe, a few of them could bring some stronger gusts of 45 to 55 mph. Heavy rain could lead to several inches in some spots, and this will likely bring some impact to that morning commute on Tuesday.

Temperatures will be back into the mid to upper 50s as we move on into Wednesday with more warmth for the end to the week. It does look like we will be dry for much of Valentine’s Day, but places in northwest Alabama could have a shower late in the day.

Meteorologist Brandon Spinner

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