Spotting fake vs. real bills

Spotting fake vs. real bills
The Limestone County Sheriff's Office seized around $4,400 cash and nearly $23,000 in counterfeit bills on Feb. 5, 2019.

(WAFF) - With recent drug and counterfeit cash busts in Limestone and Madison counties, authorities in Limestone County want you to be aware of how to spot the difference between real and fake cash.

This comes after officers with the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office said $23,000 of the $27,400 in cash confiscated in last week’s bust was fake, according to our partners at the Athens News Courier.

Deputy Stephen Young with the Sheriff’s Office says touch is the biggest giveaway.

Some tips to keep in mind when looking at cash:

  • Imperfect Borders - Real money has a perfect border at the edge, while fake money often has an uneven border. 
  • Go to the light - Hold the bill up to the light to see the watermark and security thread on the bill. If it is fake, neither of them will be shown.
  • 3-D Security Ribbon - 2004-style $100 bills have a blue ribbon woven into the paper. When you tilt the paper backward and forward, the bells and “100s” move side to side.

Young has also urged those in the community to go to the Secret Service’s website to learn more ways to spot fake cash.

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