Local woman says she waited 15 hours in Huntsville ER

Huntsville Hospital says all hospitals in Alabama are crammed right now

Local woman says she waited 15 hours in Huntsville ER

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - One Hazel Green woman says she waited more than 15 hours in the Huntsville Hospital emergency room Monday.

Cyndy Dunning took her aunt to the ER after she fell. Dunning says she thought her aunt had internal bleeding.

“I thought going to the ER was the safest option,” Dunning said.

Little did she know, she’d be spending more than the night there.

“I have never in my life waited 15 hours awake for anything. I don’t think that I would ever voluntarily wait for anything for 15 hours if I had known," Dunning said.

Dunning says as they waited, the time the hospital announced increased by two hours every couple hours.

“One lady was in a lot of pain and throwing up non-stop for about six hours,” Dunning said.

The state health department designates North Alabama as one of the highest flu areas in the state.

“All hospitals in Alabama are experiencing very high capacity issues,” vice president of marketing for Huntsville Hospital, Burr Ingram, said.

Ingram says staffing isn’t the issue right now. It’s sheer volume of patients.

“Huntsville and our community is a larger community than it was even a year ago, so we’re seeing more volume right now than we have in recent months,” Ingram explained.

He continued saying there’s no way to predict the best time to seek care. Ingram says, seek care when you need it.

“We certainly are doing our very best to take care of our patients as quickly as possible, certainly as appropriate as possible with quality care,” Ingram said.

Cyndy Dunning said although she spend an excruciating amount of time waiting, it was all worth it for the care her aunt was able to receive.

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