Investigating recent fires could take weeks, with the possibility of still no answers

Investigating recent fires could take weeks, with the possibility of still no answers

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A number of dramatic fires took place in the Valley this past week, and investigators are still working on what caused them.

Friday, Huntsville Fire & Rescue Capt. Frank McKenzie said the department’s investigators do not yet know what caused February’s deadly fire in the Five Points neighborhood.

In its aftermath, neighbors looked for answers that may not come quickly.

“There’s some things that are being done in the background that are going to take awhile, before we can actually make a determination, make the correct call, if we can actually determine what it is," McKenzie said.

He said it could be days or weeks before any information on the cause is released.

Albertville’s Lifepoint Church caught fire Thursday, leaving its children’s center decimated.

Alabama State Fire Marshal Scott Pilgreen said state investigators are on the scene, but are going through a process and addressing obstacles.

“How big is the building? Do we need additional personnel? They try to determine what resources we need to bare to investigate that scene,” he said.

“Pieces of a puzzle. You’re trying to gather as much information and then see, based on the scene, based on interviews and try to assemble that."

Pilgreen said the fire itself can often destroy the signs of what caused it, further delaying the process.

“This is not TV. This is not some of our favorite investigative crime shows we look at, or some our so-called reality shows where everything is figured out within 30 minutes or an hour, even with commercial breaks,” he said.

Both Pilgreen and McKenzie said are fires where no answers can be found, and asks the public to be patient.

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