Food prep workers get too handsy in this week’s Kitchen Cops report

Several spots written up for employees touching food with bare hands

Madison County Kitchen Cops February 8th 2019

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - There’s a recurring theme that kept popping up in this week’s Kitchen Cops report: People in the kitchen getting a little bit too “hands on” with your food.

Three different places were all written up after inspectors saw employees touching food with bare hands. It was a banana at the Steak and Shake on University Drive. They get and 85. At the Liberty 2000 in Meridianville, inspectors saw a worker answer a phone, move around dirty dishes, then go right back to food prep without washing hands or putting on gloves. They get an 82. And the Mexican express on Bob Wallace in Huntsville gets an 81 for more bare handed food prep.

The Payless gas on Highway 53 in Harvest had the lowest score in Madison County this week. .It was shut down for two days because the hot water wasn’t working. There were also issues with dirty soda nozzles that had to be cleaned and a septic tank lid that was loose. Payless gets an 81.

There were also plenty of problems west of I-65 this week. Three of those trouble spots are grouped together on Highway 43 Franklin County. The KFC on in Russellville gets an 87 for dented cans and mold in the soda fountains. Just up the road, the Captain D’s was written up for stacking dirty dishes with clean ones and having broken wires in fryer baskets. And staying on that same block, the Waffle House on Highway 43 gets hit for hot water issues and toxic items being mixed in with food storage.

In Lawrence County, a few minor problems that had to be fixed. The Good 2 Go Big Gut Barbeque food truck gets points taken off for an unlabeled cleaning bottle. The Hibachi Sushi on Highway 24 in Moulton was written up for no dates being put on produce. And in Decatur, the lowest score in Morgan County this week is Taqueria El Paisa with an 82 due to multiple food temperature problems.

Check out the raw inspection reports and scores from the county health departments linked below this video:

Morgan, Lawrence, Shoals Kitchen Cops February 8th

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