Latest on new AL School of Cyber Technology & Engineering

Latest on new AL School of Cyber Technology & Engineering

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Do you have what it takes to lead the new statewide magnet school coming to Huntsville- the first of its kind in the nation?

The Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering is searching for its first president, and interested candidates are urged to apply soon.

A firm is conducting a nationwide search, and the deadline to apply is February 18.

Candidates can do so online by clicking here.

Interviews will be conducted late March / early April 2019, with a start date of May 1.

“The ideal candidate will have demonstrated ability to motivate and inspire students to act boldly, work collaboratively, and strive for excellence. He or she will be charged with gathering a team of academic leaders and technical experts to imagine, design, and create a unique residential learning environment for 7th to 12th-grade students from across the state that will serve as an example for Alabama and the nation,” The Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering Foundation (ASCE) said.

The Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering is being established in Huntsville and is the third state-level magnet school.

It is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020 in a temporary location, with completion of construction of a permanent location planned for the summer of 2022.

Planned enrollment is 300 students, with about half living on campus in dormitories.

(Source: The Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering Foundation)

For more information on the school, click here.

Alicia Ryan, CEO of the LSINC Corporation, is one of the key players in the creation of the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering.

“The school itself is run by a state board. It’s an independent state board appointed by the governor. It’s set up just like the other two magnet schools that you see in the state of Alabama,” she explained. “The president is the most important piece because that person is going to lead how all of this is going to come together.”

The Alabama Association of School Boards to conduct the search for the school’s president.

A significant number of students will come from 137 largely rural school districts from across Alabama. School specific legislation ensures that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to attend this school free of charge.

There will be 300 students with 150 in dorms.

The school is a collaborative effort- industry, government agencies, and academia working with students in the classroom and advanced labs.

The school has a state mandate to support schools and school systems across the state with exportable training/curriculum.

“The school is going to be a boarding school. It’s important that we’re able to reach across the state of Alabama. We need to get two children nominated from every single school district,” Ryan said.

Graduates will either go right into the workforce or post secondary school with advanced standing, educating a strong workforce to support the work that’s done by agencies on and around Redstone Arsenal.

“It’s really important that we think about how we’re going to protect that asset from design, all the way through to design and all of the supply chain within. It’s important that we think about this as learning cyber engineering within the life cycle of an engineering build,” Ryan stated.

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