Deer struck by car on highway runs to Marshall County hospital

Deer struck by car on highway runs to Marshall County hospital

SCANT CITY, AL (WAFF) - A deer was injured in Marshall County after being struck on a highway.

Where does he go? To the hospital, of course.

Arab police say deer often get hit on this stretch of Highway 69, but this is presumably the first time a deer has tried to get help.

Deer trapped in hospital entrance

So if you're a deer and injured...where do you go? To the hospital of course! Here is the video of a deer trapped inside the first entrance at Marshall Medical Center North after being struck by a car a short time earlier.....strange things happen!

Posted by Stephen McLamb WAFF 48 on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

It happened late in the afternoon on Jan. 31. A deer was struck on the highway outside Marshall Medical Center North. It then ran straight to the hospital and the front door. The motion sensor opened the first set of doors so the deer came in but the tile floor made it difficult for the deer to gain footing. The poor animal then saw someone coming and darted toward the newspaper racks.

The Advertiser Gleam’s rack stood strong but the Arab Tribune’s rack fell victim to the deer. Calls were made to the Arab police department who came to help as employees sought to keep the second set of doors shut to keep the deer from entering the hospital itself. Fortunately no one was hurt in the ordeal.

“I don’t think there were any other injuries. It didn’t break the glass and you know it didn’t injure anyone. It’s kind of an unusual case, you know, with the deer stuck in that glass entrance to the hospital. It really freaked a lot of people out as they would say,” said Arab Police Chief Ed Ralston.

Unfortunately, due to it’s injuries, the deer had to be put down.

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