Car plows over Huntsville hair stylist during argument with customer over $20

Car plows over Huntsville hair stylist after argument with customer over $20

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Huntsville woman is recovering after being run over by a car in her driveway.

She does hair out of her home and had an argument with a customer about payment and that's when things got out of hand.

Latosha White, 32, is covered in bruises and gashes. She is in pain and can hardly move after being knocked down and pinned under a car leaving her house.

"I thought I was dead once I heard my back snap," White said.

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She worked on a woman's hair for four hours at her home on Pulaski Pike in North Huntsville on Tuesday, but it didn't end well.

"When it came time to pay, she didn't have enough money. She asked if she could pay me later. I told her no and that I could take her hair down and give her money back to her," White explained. "She told me she couldn't believe I was acting that way about some hair. I told her that I spent a lot of time on her hair and she was going to pay me my money."

From there, things escalated and the argument continued in the driveway where the customer’s boyfriend was waiting for her in a car.

“She tried to take it upon herself to physically stop the individual,” said Lt. Michael Johnson, spokesman for the Huntsville Police Department. “As the customer was leaving and tried to get in her vehicle and shut the door, it’s our understanding that the hair stylist grabbed the door and there was some type of altercation at the door. While the door was still open, the male driver inside the vehicle started backing out.”

“The door pushed me down and the tires, with the way he was backing up, it sucked me up under the car,” White added. “It made my knees touch my chest. It folded me like that and dragged me down and I was stuck. He mashed the gas really hard and the car hopped me and let me go.”

The driver of the vehicle slammed the vehicle in reverse, thus running Ms. White over, HPD’s reports state. White says she’s been friends with the woman’s boyfriend for many years and was stunned to find herself wounded on the ground in the cold as the couple drove off. The customer only owed White an additional $20 for the hair style.

White was treated at the hospital for her injuries and doctors told her she's lucky she's not paralyzed.

“I can’t up without assistance. I have to walk with someone holding my hands. Some of my nerves are damaged but some of that feeling is coming back. I’ve been shaking a lot. I can’t lift my right arm,” she said.

HPD urges business owners not to try to take matters into their own hands if they find themselves in a similar situation.

"In Alabama, merchants do have a right to protect their property if people try to leave without paying. Most larger businesses have security teams in place that can stop offenders and shoplifters. In this case, theft of services is similar. An individual does have a right to do what she did, but we do ask that people not try to do that. That's why we have investigators. When you call us, we can investigate the situation and apprehend them safely," Lt. Johnson stated.

White's home
White's home (Source: WAFF)

In police reports, the incident is listed as an assault case and a "hit and run."

"The investigator has explained that there is still more to do," Lt. Johnson added. "It is under investigation and no one has been arrested at this time."

White hopes she can heal quickly so she can get back to doing the job she loves.

“If I could get up and walk right now, I would be working,” she said. “If I can, I’m still going to do hair. I’m going to let the law handle this. They can do more then me. I want him to suffer like I’m suffering.”

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