Madison County unemployment claims skyrocket

Alabama Department of Labor says it has received twenty times more applications in the past month

Madison County unemployment claims skyrocket

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Department of Labor says typically, in one month, it gets 30 to 40 unemployment claims. However, since December 21, in Alabama, it has received more than 600.

In Madison County alone, the Department of Labor said there’s been 140 unemployment claims filed in the last 32 days.

“We can’t say that 100 percent of these 140 claims are shutdown related, however based on our historical claims data, we can infer that the great majority of them are,” Alabama Department of Labor Communications Director, Tara Hutchison, said.

Hutchison continued saying on a general basis, the department normally processes 30 to 40 federal employee claims per month. That’s within the entire state of Alabama.

The Alabama Department of Labor statistics say it has received more than 600 claims from federal employees in the past month. Comparatively, this is nearly 20 times more applicants, per month, than normal.

Hutchison said it takes time for these claims to be approved.

“Generally, it takes about 21 days, approximately three weeks, before someone starts to receive payment,” she said.

She continued saying department employees have to verify information on the application, then determine how much an applicant can receive.

“We will contact the employer and confirm that there is no work for that person, verify wages, that sort of thing. Check for eligibility requirements and then we will either approve or not approve that claim,” Hutchison said.

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