Residents honor the memory of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Blount County

Residents honor the memory of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Blount County

ROSA, AL (WAFF) - Residents from across the Valley made the trek to Blount County for a state holiday commemorating Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The holiday for Lee has been in place since 1901.

Organizers say they’re always excited about honoring the legacy of Lee but at the same time they’re very concerned about the attacks on Southern heritage.

Cannons and muskets fired as people dressed in period attire to honor Lee at Town Hall in Rosa.

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Organizers say most Southerners can trace their history back and find family members that fought.

And it's that for which they want to remember.

“Heritage, our Confederate heritage. We all have traceable great grandfathers, grandfathers, all the way back,” said Van Gunter with the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 308.

The American flag, state flag, and Confederate flag were all honored on Monday. But it's the Confederate part of history they're most concerned about. The guest speaker says efforts by what he calls a politically correct crowd want to remove that part of history possibly by trying to modify or do away with Confederate state holidays.

“No compromise. We want General Lee honored by our state because he represents that which is best about Southern culture,” said the Rev. John Killian.

Gunter says it's why they use opportunities like this to celebrate heritage and educate others on it's history.

“Yeah, we’re concerned. That’s the reason we need to celebrate all three of our holidays to get support,” said Gunter.

Killian said he hopes the tradition would continue with the young people to remember the legacy of General Lee for generations to come..

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