Decatur Boys and Girls Club renovations

Decatur Boys and Girls Club renovations
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We're covering your community in Decatur where a big ceremony took place Monday at the Boys and Girls Club. After big renovation projects, the building was rededicated.

There's a lot of things Brendan Pritts could have done on this Martin Luther King Jr holiday, but he was just one of the dozens of volunteers who spent his time painting, cleaning and repairing this Boys and Girls Club located on 3rd Street in Decatur.

“We chose this project just to get in touch with our community and do something that we stand for,” said Brendan Pritts.

This Club was built back in 1964. During its 55 years history thousands of kids have come here and the president and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club say’s lives have been changed.

“They get more A’s and B’s in school, they skip less school, likely to graduate from high school. They’re healthier, they stay away from drugs and substance abuse, they get more physical fitness then their peers and they become great citizens in Decatur or wherever else they are,” said CEO Jim Clark.

Just last year the future of this Boys and Girls Club was uncertain. The 10,000 square foot building had broken windows, leaks in the roof, holes in the floor, peeling paint and there wasn’t money in the budget to fix it.

“It probably should have been condemned. That’s how close it was to not being operational,” said Decatur President Patrick Wynn.

Fast forward to today... and thanks to community partners including a $50,000 renovation grant from Lowe’s this building now has new life.

“There is no better gratification then to see the smiles on the kid’s faces when they come through these doors tomorrow. It will be night and day from what they saw before,” said Jim Clark.

Which makes all of the hard work on this Martin Luther King Jr Day well worth their time spent.

There was also a ribbon cutting celebrating the merger between the Boys and Girls Club of North Alabama and North-Central Alabama. The change will bring more resources to the Decatur location so it doesn’t fall back into disarray.

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