North Alabama couple going to great lengths to find missing dog

North Alabama couple going to great lengths to find missing dog

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - What would you do to bring your best friend home? A Huntsville couple is doing whatever it takes to find their lost dog.

Many are following their story online and sharing information to help get their beloved pet back.

The owners hope his microchip will make all the difference.

Lindsey Thornton and her boyfriend have launched an all-out search for their dog. “He's part of the family. He'll be two years old February 16th and we miss him,” Thornton said.

Their Australian Shepherd “Richard” disappeared in Anderson, Alabama. Thornton and her boyfriend are from Huntsville and left their dog with family when they went on vacation. Richard went missing around County Road 52 near the Lauderdale/Limestone County line.

“We went on vacation to Puerto Rico on just a four day trip. When we got back on Tuesday, we found out that he had never come home to my boyfriend's dad's house in Anderson, Alabama which is about an hour away from here,” Thornton said.

He's been gone a week in unfamiliar territory and dangerously cold weather.

“I immediately got in my car and drove around the entire area. I've been on foot, knocking on doors and handing out flyers. I think we've handed out almost 300 flyers trying to locate him. We've been posting on Facebook and anywhere we can think of just trying to get him home,” Thornton added.

**REWARD** MISSING IN ANDERSON 1-14-19 This is Richard, a 2 year old blue Merle Australian Shepard. He is MICROCHIPPED...

Posted by Lindsey Thornton on Saturday, January 19, 2019

They've also been checking in with shelters and veterinarians.

Animal rescuers say they’ve never seen pet owners so committed to getting their furry friend back and it shows the importance of ID tags, collars, and microchips to increase their chances. Unfortunately tags often fall off when a dog is lost, so by the time the dog is picked up, they may no longer have tags or even a collar. Richard has a microchip for that reason.

“The first thing that I did was put out an alert so if he gets scanned anywhere, he's going to come up as missing or lost. There's always the possibility that his collar is not on him right now but the chip is still there so if he's taken to a vet's office or shelter, they should scan him,” Thornton stated.

They won’t give up searching and praying for a reunion.

“We’re hoping that somebody has him and they’re just not aware that we’re looking for him. Hopefully, they’ll see this segment and bring him home,” Thornton added.

The owners are offering a reward to the person who finds Richard.

We are still looking for our furry buddy. For whatever reason, my previous post was reported and taken down. We’ve...

Posted by Brent Emerson on Sunday, January 20, 2019

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