Animal experts urge the Valley to bring its pets inside this weekend

Animal experts urge the Valley to bring its pets inside this weekend

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This weekend will be a cold one, with WAFF 48 Weather forecasting a low of 19 degrees on Sunday.

Pet experts in north Alabama are encouraging locals to bring their pets inside, or at least prepare them for the chill.

Governor’s Choice Animal Hospital Veterinary Technician Janice Jones said frostbite is the main concern, but it could exacerbate other issues.

“A lot of times it is the older ones that have problems already. They get dehydrated, they don’t get the adequate food, and then kidney problems, heart problems, arthritis problems show up. A lot of things like that show up that you wouldn’t normally see until they’re stressed from being so cold,” Jones said.

Jones said if owners are going to keep animals outside, to be sure to provide a dry, warm shelter with plenty of food and water.

Huntsville Animal Services' Karen Buchan said pet owners should move their pets food and water to plastic bowls, to help prevent frozen water and injuries.

“If it’s metal bowls or containers the water will freeze, and the animal can’t get the water and they might get their tongue stuck on the metal,” Buchan said.

She said to also be mindful of anti-freeze or other harmful chemicals that could be on the ground, and to wipe the pet’s paws if taken on a walk.

Both suggested garages as suitable temporary shelters for the weekend.

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