Advice and help available for furloughed employees in the Tennessee Valley

Advice and help available for furloughed employees in the Tennessee Valley

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Thousands of people here in the Tennessee Valley are furloughed as a result of the long government shutdown. There’s no end in sight and the families impacted have a lot of decisions to make.

It’s now day 26 of the partial government shutdown. All of the furloughed employees have decisions to make. Do you stay at your job? Do you look for a different job? What do you do in the interim?

If you're one of the furloughed employees, the manager at the Huntsville Career Center says the first thing you should do is file for unemployment.

Mike Fowler says the process of getting an unemployment check can take about 3 weeks, so the sooner you file, the better. So, if you're not working and you're not getting paid because of the government shutdown, you have some homework tonight.

If you’re considering getting a new job, Fowler says now is a great time to look because the unemployment rate is low and there’s competition for qualified employees. There’s also a database for current job openings and in Huntsville alone, there’s almost 5,000 jobs.

"A lot of companies are having difficulty in finding enough employees. They're competing for the same group of workers that are out there so we're seeing a lot of increased recruiting on the part of employees. We actually have employees that come in here each day of the week," said Fowler.

If you’re furloughed and work at Marshall Space Flight Center, Thursday, January 17 from 10:00-11:30 there will be a workforce meeting with several agencies that you’re invited to attend. It’s taking place at the First Baptist Church at 600 Governors Drive SW.

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