Impacts of government shutdown being felt by MSFC employees

Impacts of government shutdown being felt by MSFC employees

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Imagine having to go to work every day but not knowing when you’re going to be paid. The government shutdown has been going on for 21 days, and this is the reality for workers at Marshall Space Flight Center.

MSFC employees are speaking out for the first time since the shutdown started.

“I do not have any money coming in since December the 26th,” said Marlyce Alexander.

For two weeks, Alexander hasn’t received money from the government in order to do her job. She works as a contracting officer for Marshall Space Flight Center. And she brings a lot of experience to the table.

“I have 41 years of government service," she said.

Alexander joins the thousands of government employees not working or getting a paycheck during this shutdown.

“It’s just difficult," she said.

During her 41 years working for the government, Alexander said she’s been through at least four furloughs. She said it’s different this time around.

“This is the longest that I can remember that there doesn’t seem to come to a closure,” she said.

Alexander said she’s previously received a payback for every furlough she’s been through. She’s not so confident that will happen now.

“That has me emotionally upset," Alexander said.

Abner Merriweather is the president for the American Federation of Government Employees in Huntsville. He has experienced many shutdowns.

“This is the worst one I’ve seen about not giving advanced notices," Merriweather said.

Action is already being taken by the National Federation of Federal Employees. Merriweather says a lawsuit was filed on Dec. 31.

“For back pay, maybe damages or anything like that, and also put the employees back to work," he said.

If the shutdown continues, more action is expected.

“We intend to host rallies next week. That’s our intent if there’s no resolution to this," said Merriweather.

This circles around the uncertainty surrounding the situation

“We don’t know what to expect. We don’t know how long those employees are going to be on shutdown or furlough. Right now it’s indefinite," Merriweather said.

It’s a decision that’s leaving employees sitting on the edge of their seats.

“I am willing and waiting to go back to work," said Alexander.

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