Yellowhammer Brewery running out of beer because of shutdown

Government shutdown circling back to the Tennessee Valley

Yellowhammer Brewery running out of beer because of shutdown

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If the government shutdown continues, Yellowhammer Brewery general manager Ethan Couch says it’s going to run out of its most popular beers.

“Hundreds of thousands, and so it’s basically a couple month’s supply," Couch said.

That’s how many cans Yellowhammer will be missing if the shutdown continues. Yellowhammer gets their cans from a supplier in Mexico.

“Those trucks have to pass through customs at the border and that takes time, so what usually takes a week now is drawn out to 20 days,” Couch said.

Yellowhammer’s Rebellion and T Minus, two of its most popular beers, may not be restocked for months.

“The stress level’s very high right now, and so we’re just trying to manage as best we can,” Couch continued.

Couch says they even tried other supplies, however, that wait would be even longer.

“All this stuff takes a lot of time, and I called our other major manufacturer and they said they were out two years,” Couch said.

The general manager says although this is a tough spot to be in, it could be much worse.

“It affects a lot of people in a lot of ways, and of course, we’re a beer supplier and it affects our business and the public that enjoys it. It’s minor compared to having people not getting paid for their jobs,” Couch explained.

Yellowhammer is continuing making the beer they can right now, despite the roadblocks given by the shutdown. Couch says he hopes the government re-opens soon, so they can get their 2019 beers brewing.

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