Madison County Commission gets $2.5 million refund

Madison County Commission gets $2.5 million refund

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Madison County Commission received a $2.5 million refund from the Madison County school board.

The County Commission gave the money to the school board so it could build a new high school, but the school board decided not to build that school, so all of the money was returned to the commission.

The Commission has a plan for that money that it hopes will benefit everyone in Madison County. Commissioner Craig Hill’s proposal is to divide the money eight ways. All seven districts will get a cut of the refund, and the eighth portion will be dedicated to the service center.

Projects like building the Jordan Road extension to U.S. 72 and improving Ryland Pike are some of the items on Hill’s agenda; and every commissioner has a list of road improvements they want completed.

“We very rarely have opportunities to have funds available to improve roads and bridges that so desperately needed, so this is an opportunity to do that,” said Hill.

The service center, to which the eighth portion of the refund will go, is an expensive project being built right next to the WAFF studio on the Parkway in north Huntsville. Commissioners have already approved that project. Putting more money down makes the payments smaller.

One of the commissioners was sick on Wednesday, so instead of voting, out of respect to him, the commission will wait until the next meeting in two weeks to vote on what to do with the refund.

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