Florence police arrest burglary suspect with neighbor’s help

Florence police arrest burglary suspect with neighbor’s help

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - Roger Ragas, who lives on 1700 block of Decatur Avenue, says he saw a suspicious man walking up to his neighbor’s front door, heard a loud bang, and that’s when he called the police.

Ragas has been a fixture in the neighborhood for nearly a decade. He says everyone on the block knows each other. So when he saw the suspect, Marty Baskins, make his way to his neighbor’s front door he knew something was wrong.

Ragas says when Baskins knew he had been seen he ran across the street to the UNA campus. Ragas says he pretended to go back in his home. He says soon as Baskins thought the “coast was clear” he watched him break into his neighbors' home.

“He went inside so, I walked back over, and I could see the door was cracked and I told my wife to call 911,” said Ragas.

Ragas says once the police arrived he called his neighbor Henry Lewis telling him someone is inside his home.

“So the police were here when I arrived and they did a walk through with me to see if he got anything. He didn’t get anything because we have good neighbors like Robert we look out for each other like a neighborhood watch,” said homeowner Tony Lewis.

Florence detective Andrew Graves says Ragas did the right thing. He says this is a lesson for everyone to remember if you see something say something.

Baskins is charged with burglary and being held at the Laudrerdale County Jail.

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