Research: Workplace fitness programs can save hundreds

Research: Workplace fitness programs can save hundreds

(WAFF) - Finding time to actually stick to New Year’s fitness resolutions can be tough, but a group of Valley moms started encouraging each other by working out every noonday. Throughout 2018, they lost over 100 pounds collectively.

Millions across the country are shouting ‘New Year, New Me’ to the heavens as they tackle new fitness goals. A group of mom, and a few dads, workout at work during their lunch break.

“I’ve lost 30 pounds doing this. I feel better about myself, my self-esteem - all that," Laura Burke said.

Each session starts by clearing the conference room of the long desks and many chairs, laying down yoga mats and getting warmed up before the true cardio kicks in.

“Perfect timing, perfect place, and it’s convenient.”
Ateneh Graham, Trainers Club, LLC

Midday workplace workouts are nothing new. In fact, more than half of U-S employers offer some type of on-site fitness program...and they seem to be working.

Laura Burke is a full-time businesswoman and full-time mom. Before the workouts, she struggled finding time for herself, and when she did “mom guilt” settled in.

“When I get off work I start my full-time job of being a mom. Picking up my kid, getting her home, getting her fed, showered, in bed, homework if there is any. There’s just no me time," Burke said.

Ateneh Graham is owner of Trainers Club, LLC, a private fitness studio in Madision that specializes in corporate fitness workouts. She started the program in late 2017 with just one site, but plans to expand to five this year.

“It makes perfect sense because this is the perfect time to get a workout in. It takes place where you’re already going to be, which is your workplace," Graham said. “I think it’s very convenient. Two of the main challenges people face when they’re wanting to accomplish their fitness goals are time and convenience, and that’s what your getting with onsite fitness. Especially with these lunch time classes. People get better within weeks!”

Workplace fitness programs have also been proven to make the job stronger as well. A RAND study of more than a decade finds workplace fitness programs can generate savings of $136 per employee every month. That’s driven largely by a 30-percent reduction in employees' visiting the emergency room.

“Everybody gets a lunch hour, it’s just how you spend it...and this is a great way.”
Laura Burke, participant

If you’re interested in exploring a corporate fitness program, contact Trainers Club, LLC.

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