Decatur mayor wants to change trash restrictions, spend $20K more

Decatur mayor wants to change trash restrictions, spend $20K more

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Decatur city leaders are still working on their branding campaign to attract more people to live and work in their city. Mayor Tab Bowling has one idea he hopes will result in more people moving to Decatur.

There are currently several restrictions on the items you’re allowed to throw away in the trash in Decatur. The mayor is asking for an additional $20,000 to be added to the budget to try and make and keep Decatur clean.

“I think it’s a significant problem,” said Bowling.

Bowling isn’t talking about just litter. He’s talking about big items these garbage trucks won’t haul away.

“We have an ordinance that says what we can pick up as far as debris and can’t. Some of the items we don’t collect as it relates to debris, that’s items that typically will not be in your trash receptacle, but rather left on the side of the road: rocks, brick, wood, carpet, things of that nature,” said Bowling.

He knows eliminating eyesores on the sides of streets won’t solve all of Decatur’s problems, but more items going in these cans will help a lot.

“We want to have a beautiful city, and this is just one way in making that happen,” said Bowling.

Members of the city council in Decatur still have to approve this measure, so before you go on a cleaning rampage, make sure you wait until the announcement is made, so you know you won’t have any issues with the items you want to get rid of.

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