Judge denies expedited hearing in Jackson County nuclear plant case

Judge denies expedited hearing in Jackson County nuclear plant case

HOLLYWOOD, AL (WAFF) - An expedited hearing on the future of a Jackson County nuclear plant is denied by a federal judge.

Nuclear Development is suing after TVA failed to sell them the plant claiming the license wasn’t transferred properly.

Despite the delays, some local leaders are still holding on to optimism that the project will go through but county leaders say these delays are only costing them more money."

A federal judge has denied a request from Nuclear Development LLC for an expedited hearing. The company sued after TVA said it would not close on the property with Nuclear Development because the company did not get the license transfer in time. Local leaders hope the sale will still go through and question the need for the court case.

“It gives both sides time to work through it and if this is really, truly a license issue that they didn’t have the approval of the NRC then surely that can be worked through don’t you think?” said Alabama Sen. Steve Livingston.

TVA maintains their position hasn't changed and because Nuclear Development didn't meet it's legal obligations beyond a second contract extension the company is in default of the agreement.

The delays are particularly hard on county leaders who rely on TVA in lieu of tax revenues which have been steadily declining in recent years.

“The excuse TVA gives us is because they had taken Bellefonte off the books because it had been sold. Then when I asked them because it hadn’t been sold are you going to add those twenty percent back? They said no,” said Jackson County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey.

As of now a hearing date has not been set.

TVA officials say they remain committed to returning the Bellefonte property to productive use.

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