Government shutdown is impacting websites you may try to use

Political games continue as some sites are down, others are up

Government shutdown is impacting websites you may try to use
Government Shutdown

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -The partial shutdown of the federal government is impacting more than physical buildings and national parks.

Some .gov websites have been taken down, or not updated, and all have different messages posted for users to read.

For example the website for national parks has this message:

Government Shutdown
National Park Service,

Cleveland 19′s weather department has notice some of the pages run by the National Weather Service aren’t being updated like this site that tracks Lake Erie surface water temperatures.

“We are able to find all the weather data that we need to forecast,” Cleveland 19 Meteorologist Sam Roberts said. “However, some smaller elements of the forecast (lake surface temperature maps) require a little creativity to find. All in all, the impact has been small for us.”

While the temperature of the lake may not be a huge issue, sites like the U.S. Small Business Administration has several resource for people trying to help the economy and are hit with this message:

Parts of the U.S. Government are closed. This site will not be updated; however information about disaster assistance is available.
U.S. Small Business Administration

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that handles all things broadcast has this message:

If the partial government shutdown continues, the FCC will suspend most operations mid-day on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019
Federal Communications Commission

Understanding this is just a partial shutdown, there are some government sites that aren’t impacted at all, or at least don’t indicate that they are not updating.

Those include sites like the White House and the the IRS.

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