Security guards stop Huntsville nightclub gunman, police say

Security guards stop Huntsville nightclub gunman, police say

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville police say a man opened fire outside Club 3208 on Long Avenue early Monday. But two security guards stopped him before anyone inside could get hurt.

Investigators say the man was sent away from the club entrance earlier after he got into an altercation. He returned from a vehicle carrying an AK-47 then began firing shots while advancing toward the entrance, according to police.

Two security officers were in the parking lot when the offender started shooting. One of the guards fired two shots at the offender while he was trying to advance toward the club entrance. The offender was shot in his upper right thigh, which caused him to lower his rifle and stop shooting.

The guard that fired ran into the club to retrieve a tourniquet so she could provide first aid to the offender. When she returned to the parking lot, he had already left in an unknown vehicle.

While still processing the scene at Club 3208, officers were dispatched to Crestwood Hospital to investigate a gunshot victim, who turned out to be the suspect. while still. He was then transferred to Huntsville Hospital.

He faces charges of reckless endangerment and menacing upon release from the hospital.

Investigators say those security officers likely saved lives.

“Had it not been for the quick actions of these observant security guards, especially the one that fired the shots at him, we probably could be looking at some casualties," said Lt. Michael Johnson.

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