Athens police hand out toys during Christmas Day patrols

Athens police hand out toys during Christmas Day patrols

ATHENS, AL (WAFF) - Everyone has their own family Christmas tradition, but have you ever thought about the people who work on Christmas? Well, workers here in the Tennessee Valley have a tradition of their own.

Kids in Athens got a little extra love this Christmas. Every year, the Athens Police Department has toys donated to them from churches and groups around the area. On Christmas Day, they drive around and hand them out to any kids they see.

Athens police handed out hundreds of toys to kids, everything from soccer balls to footballs to hats.

Each shift, officers packed up a bag of different toys for boys and girls. They stopped and gave them out along the way. They even got the chance to have a little fun while doing it.

Although some people did get a little nervous when officer Mickey Hart showed up, they were very surprised with what he had to give them.

“It takes a lot of stress off of them knowing that we’re not there for some other reason. We’re just there to kinda help brighten up, especially with it being as cloudy as it is, trying to bring a smile on Christmas,” said Hart.

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