CBD hemp products now legal in Alabama

Passage of the farm bill allows for the selling of cannabidiol in the Tennessee Valley

CBD hemp products now legal in Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - On Thursday, Congress passed the 2018 farm bill, which legalizes the selling and production of hemp-made cannabidiol (CBD) products in Alabama.

One local business owner said this could change the game for medicine.

“Prescription pills aren’t always the best remedy for that. Especially because of the side effects, how you feel, and stuff like that,” The Green Cup owner Ray Cuevas said.

Cuevas is opening up a CBD shop Saturday, one of the first CBD dedicated stores in Huntsville. CBD is actually a cannabis compound, however Cuevas says, it doesn’t get you high.

“It’s more of like a wellness feeling, you know, watch pain disappear, watch anxiety pull back. A good night sleep? Yes. High? No,” Cuevas continued.

He said CBD is specifically tailored to people who are having severe pain, but who don’t want to succumb to taking opioids.

With opioids being a top concern for most Alabama politicians, Cuevas said CBD’s could be a solution.

“For me, over the counter prescription medicines was not for me. I tried over the counter Ibprofen and stuff like that, I just couldn’t take it," Cuevas said.

He said, for a while, people have been going through other measures just to get this product.

“The good thing is now, with the Farm Bill, we don’t need that. You can come right here locally to Huntsville and get everything you need,” Cuevas said.

Your CBD Store, a local store in Fayetteville, Tennessee has been open for more than a month now.

Owner Harley Kenney said business has been doing great and a lot of people use CBD products for several reasons.

“Pain, anxiety, arthritis, a lot of people use it if they have seizures. We have a lot of cancer patients, it helps them with the pain and the nausea of the treatments," Kenney said.

Kenney is working to open up stores in Huntsville, Athens and Decatur as well.

For the Green Cup, the store opens Saturday at 9 a.m. and is located at 2403 Jordan Ln. in the same building as Cuevas Customs tire shop.

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