Kitchen Cops find roaches, dogs and lots of dirty dishes

December 21st reports from six north Alabama counties are in

Kitchen Cops find roaches, dogs and lots of dirty dishes
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Roaches in the kitchen in Madison County, a dog hanging out in a restaurant in Ardmore, and dirty plates all over the place. Here is your December 21st Kitchen Cops report.

We’ll start in Limestone County, where health department inspectors were checking out Weston’s Wings and Whitt’s Barbeque. The two businesses share a building, so their inspection notes combined into one. They were written up for having a dirty can opener, an ashtray on the food prep table, and a dog inside the building. Weston’s and Whitt’s earn a 78.

At the Audubon Lane Sleep Inn Motel in Athens, the kitchen cops found what they call an “excessive" number of lady bugs and stink bugs, plus unlabeled cleaner on the housekeeper carts. Sleep Inn gets an 80.

In Morgan County, three spots score under a 90 this week:New China on the Beltline gets an 89, also for unlabeled chemical bottles in the kitchen. The Hartselle Exxon on Highway 31 gets an 89 after inspectors found medicine stored in the food area, and Don Alejo in Hartselle has an 87 due to chicken, beef and shrimp at the wrong temperature.

See more notes from around the Tennessee Valley below this video:

Morgan Limestone Kitchen Cops December 20th

Moving on to Madison County - there was a four way tie for the lowest score. The Great American Grill, Mei Wei, Ol' Heidelberg and the Pizza Hut on Governor’s Drive all scored an 80. Mei Wei was written up for not having any sanitizer in the dishwasher and having several foods being held at the wrong temperature. The Great American Grill had roaches in the kitchen and dirty drink nozzles. Pizza Hut has residue in the drink nozzles, a dirty can opener and issues with it’s sink hose. Last but not least, Ol' Heidelberg lost points for a dirty ice machine and mixing dirty dishes in with clean ones.

The Cracker Barrel in Madison also was written up when inspectors found food residue on supposedly cleaned plates. It got a 90.

More scores from north west Alabama, under this video:

Madison County Kitchen Cops December 21st

The best scores this week all come from northwest Alabama. No one in Colbert, Franklin or Lauderdale Counties scored below a 90. That score was set by El Patron Tex-Mex on Highway 43 in Russellville. Inspectors say an employee was caught not following proper hand washing or glove using policies during an inspection. A week later, when the kitchen cops came back to El Patron, everyone had been retrained and the employees were following proper procedures.

Shoals Kitchen Cops December 21st

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