Guntersville author publishes first book at age 92

Guntersville author publishes first book at age 92
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GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Marshall County woman is excited to be publishing her first book.

It’s a labor that took half a century to complete.

“When I opened the box and picked it up I thought oh, it’s happening,” said Guntersville author Dorothy Kennedy.

Better known as Dot, Kennedy still can’t believe she just got her first book published. At a book signing in Guntersville Tuesday night, she sold out of her book entitled “The Playground”.

“They were in line there waiting to get those books so I’m proud,” said Kennedy.

You see, Dot started writing the book years ago when she was a teacher at Guntersville High school.

“It was in my heart I guess at that time so I started it then and that was 50 years ago,” said Kennedy.

The book is about a woman and the three men she loved in her lifetime.

Dot stuffed her writings into a drawer until a friend recently urged her to finish it and get it published. It was all done but the last chapter. That last chapter is now different than her original idea for an ending.

“It’s one of those books that has an ending that you have to decide yourself how it’s going to be in the future,” said Kennedy.

Dot is happy she finally realized her fifty year old dream but doesn’t plan to write another. Dot says she will stick to poetry.

“That doesn’t take long. I can do a poem in about five minutes,” said Kennedy.

The book, “The Playground by Dorothy Kennedy” is available on Amazon.

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