Salvation Army Angel Tree pickup in Huntsville

Salvation Army Angel Tree pickup in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It’s time for parents who signed up for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree. Thanks to your donations to the Huntsville Salvation Army, hundreds of kids will have a merry Christmas.

Santa's Workshop is working overtime. Almost 1,800 kids were signed up with the Salvation Army's Angel Tree and everyone has been adopted. Thousands of items donated and now it's time for the families to pick up the items.

"These gifts are for my sister, my cousin, and my brother," said Madison Grzybowski.

Madison is one of several adults picking up toys for loved ones that people here in the Tennessee Valley donated.

“I’m here to pick up the gifts for my daughter,” said Alexis Campbell.

“I have three children and I’m here to pick up gifts for them. I’ve got twins and a 3-year-old,” said Rachel Ream.

Santa’s workshop is filled with thousands of toys including dolls, trucks, games and of course bikes. Getting the items in cars is like playing Tetris, which makes the Salvation Army officer over seeing this operation happy.

“They’re very grateful. We’ve had some that when we bring their bag up, they have two bags overflowing and bikes and they just have this, I mean it’s indescribable. The look on their face when you pull all of this stuff up, just go I can’t believe I got all of this stuff,” said Salvation Army officer Kelly Bryant.

You never know what can put a smile on someone’s face or what can bring a little more holiday cheer, but this room and stuffed bags is clearly doing the trick.

“I’m just thankful for the blessing God gave us because I was wondering like how I’m going to get this and how I’m going to get that. I just thank him for it and the ones who donated to us,” said Alexis Campbell.

“I am very thankful for it. If it wasn’t for anybody to donate and to get presents, we literally wouldn’t have anything this year,” said Rachel Ream.

Everyone was so willing to speak with us about their gratitude for these gifts. If you’re a parent who is registered to receive items from the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree, Wednesday, December 19th at noon is the deadline.

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