Redstone Arsenal’s new bike policy geared towards safety

Redstone Arsenal’s new bike policy geared towards safety

REDSTONE ARSENAL, AL (WAFF) - For cyclists who bike to work on Redstone Arsenal and like to bike for fun there, there are new rules in place for when they can and can’t use some of the busiest gates and roadways.

It's a policy geared at making travel safer on the installation.

Redstone Arsenal has a big workforce- one that's projected to reach nearly 50,000 by 2025- and with that comes traffic. To reduce the risk of accidents, there are changes in place for cycling on increasingly congested roads.

“We’ve worked very hard to build a comprehensive bicycle policy that takes into account the privilege of riding on Redstone Arsenal for those cyclists and commuters that ride here and enjoy both transportation to work as well as leisure bicycling,” said Colonel Kelsey Smith, Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander.

There are reduced operating hours on Rideout Road and on Martin Road for bicyclists on business days during the highest times for commuter traffic.

"The goal is to balance the intent for leisure bicycling as well as commuter bicycling for the safety and welfare of the bicyclists as well the motorists that have to use the roads to get to and from work," Colonel Smith explained.

From 5:30 in the morning until 1700 at night, the installation will not admit any bicyclists through Gate 9. Likewise, they won’t allow any bicyclists to ride on Rideout Road from 6:30a-1700. Also, bicyclists cannot ride on Martin Road between Patton and Rideout from 6:30a-1700.

Cyclists are asked to use the pedestrian trail that runs the entire length from Rideout Road to Patton Road to move east and west across the arsenal.

“We’re just asking that in order to maintain the privilege of riding our bikes on post on these great roads, is that we do so during the hours that are most suitable and allow us to decrease the probability of accidents,” Colonel Smith stated. “It’s all about safety and preservation of that privilege.”

It’s important to note that when it’s dark- at night and in the early morning hours- cyclists on Redstone Arsenal are required to wear a brightly colored shirt or jacket, as well as a solid white headlight and solid red tail light.

A group of riders, up to 10, can use the roads during business days, but not on Martin Road or Rideout Road during the day. They must be separated by 300 meters.

There are about 28 commuters who ride their bikes to work on the installation. Many other cyclists enjoy it as a recreational activity on post.

The arsenal had a bicycle town hall in September and about 250 people attended it to discuss concerns on both sides and address traffic study findings.

Officials were pleased with participation and recommendations they received.

“I believe that it has allowed us to build a very good policy that supports both the cyclists and our workforce,” Colonel Smith said.

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