Gas prices below $2 per gallon in the Tennessee Valley

Gas prices below $2 per gallon in the Tennessee Valley

(WAFF) - The next time you fill up your tank, you might be surprised with the cost. Several places in Huntsville are charging less than $2 a gallon.

It’s been a long time since people have been able to fill up their car for $20, but a lot of people did just that Monday. Several stations here in the Tennessee Valley are charging less than $2 a gallon, but not all of them, so you still have to shop around.

In less than a three mile radius some gas stations are charging $2.05, one charging $2.01, but the rest were below $2. Several are charging just $1.96 a gallon. Officials at AAA say the national average is $2.37. The average in Alabama's is $2.05.

Gas prices have been about $.30 higher this year compared to last year, so the price cuts at the pumps have people excited. I asked people when was the last time they remember seeing gas prices below $2.

“It’s been years ago. I think it’s been at least three or four years if not longer since it’s been below $2. We did have that year, I think it’s been about three years when it dropped below, but then it sky rocketed right back up after that. It’s nice to see it down below again,” said Yvone Taylor.

Officials with AAA say the last time prices were $1.96 was 22 months ago, back in February of 2017. If you were on the fence about the drive to grandma’s for the holiday, maybe the saving at the pump will motivate you to hit the road.

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