Jackson County man receives high school diploma at age 92

Jackson County man receives high school diploma at age 92

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) - A Jackson County man graduated from high school on Monday at the ripe old age of 92.

A ceremony was held for this special graduate at Scottsboro high school.

He couldn’t graduate 75 years ago because he was serving our country in World War Two.

A standing ovation today for Sam Tipton who got his high school diploma from Jackson County High School at the age of 92. He called it the third biggest event in his life.

“Number one when the good Lord saved me. Number two was a wonderful wife for 65 years,” said Sam Tipton who received his diploma.

Tipton wasn’t drafted but got into World War two at the age of 17 when a family member signed the papers saying they approved.

“I loved the Navy better than I did any other branch of service. I like them white sheets so I had to quit school and join the Navy,” said Tipton.

The state of Alabama now approves for diplomas given to citizens who leave school to serve the country. That was a surprise to Tipton when he stopped by a few months ago to his local veteran’s office and they asked him about it.

“I thought I’d done past all of it but he asked me would I like to get it and I said yes,” said Tipton.

School officials confirmed Tipton's records and on Monday he was on stage getting something over seventy years late. Tipton urged seniors in the audience to get theirs as well but noted college probably wasn't in his future.

“No, I don’t think I will at 92. I think I will just live the rest of it out on the farm,” said Tipton.

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