Mandarin duck in Central Park becomes social media star

Mandarin duck in Central Park becomes social media star
A Mandarin duck, right, swims in Central Park in New York, on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018. In the weeks since it appeared in Central Park, the duck has become a celebrity. (Source: AP Photo/Seth Wenig/AP)

NEW YORK (CNN) – The Mandarin duck of Central Park is the duck that all other ducks revolve around.

His celebrity has taken flight ever since he arrived about two months ago.

Out-of-towners flock to see him. New Yorkers can’t believe he’s real.

Regulars at the park have even given him names, including “Mandarin Patinkin” – named after the actor Mandy Patinkin.

Mandarin ducks are native to East Asia. The going theory is that this Asian duck escaped from someone’s collection of exotic birds, or that someone dumped him in the park.

Photographers are always training their lenses on him, and his photo has made it all the way back to China in the People’s Daily newspaper.

Sure, his reputation took a hit after he was seen repeatedly chasing other ducks.

But still, fans keep coming to catch a glimpse – as urban rangers keep an eye on the onlookers to make sure they’re “respecting the duck.”

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